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Bali Car Rental Bali Guides and Drivers

Bali Guides and Drivers

A car with driver is probably the favorite option of most visitors to Bali. It is like having a private tour bus, with the go-anywhere flexibility of a hire car.

Most drivers are budding tour guides, and are willing to explain the stories associated with the common sights. Perhaps the largest drawback is that the drivers tend to follow a well-worn circuit of popular day-trip destinations, so be prepared to plan the sites you want to visit, and discuss your plans with the driver.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between a "driver" and a "Tour Guide" in Bali. And in most cases, if you want a "Tour Guide" you will be paying for two people. The "Tour Guide" describes what you are seeing - and more importantly, per law, has a CERTIFICATE/LICENSE which permits him to say he's a TOUR GUIDE. The "Driver" is just that, someone who drives. Hiring a driver, and not a tour guide, saves you money, but you may not get the 'real deal' touristy information like you would receive had you spent money for both.

In Bali, most guides and drivers try to steer tourists to particular shops that give them commissions on everything you purchase. Merchants pass on to you the commission charge. Most commissions range from 10 to 20%. Top quality shops in Bali do not pay commissions, because they have a steady clientele based on their reputation; many guides and drivers won't take you to these shops. Shops that are frequented by tour buses invariably pay commissions to guides, and in addition many of their goods are of poor or mediocre quality. Hence it it important to book your guide and driver through a travel agent or rental car company who are fully responsible for their guides and drivers.




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