How to Maintain Your Mattress Quality

Buying a quality mattress is just like an investment. Price for high-end luxury mattress may be varying from $4,000 to beyond $20,000. Although the warranty program is sometime included in the price unit, but due to time usage, your mattress may encounter sagging or deformation. In that case, mattress maintenance is really important to ensure your mattress is in proper quality to use and give you a quality of sleep.

This article will review some step of common mattress maintenance, and we will use aireloom mattress as sample because this mattress has varieties of product. Product variant may depend on size, materials, weight, firmness, and construction. Each type may have different response to your body, which will also have different response if you use it for a long time. For example like memory foam, it might have a tendency to off-gas after a few years of usage and sometime it develops a sinkhole. Some users even reported sagging mattress and even worst, it caused back pain.

So first thing is about sagging, it usually happened if mattress supports weight in certain point over period of time. aireloom mattress provides no-flip design that makes you able to rotate the mattress frequently. This will help to reduce the wear and sagging, and keep your mattress in good shape. It is advice for some mattress types, rotate can be done quarterly. Move it to balance the shape condition and meet proper comfort. If the mattress is quite heavy, you can contact the company to help you move or rotate the mattress bed for you.

Other defect might happen during usage. If there is defect caused by defective workmanship, you can check your warranty terms and condition to make a damage report. Sometime the company assigns an inspector to check your damage mattress and find if it is included into the warrant or not. The assessment will take some time and result might define your mattress replacement. To prevent damage, you can read the manual guideline of how to maintain your mattress and consult to company if there is something wrong.

Major retailer like Bloomingdale, Marcy, Sit n’ Sleep, Raymour and Flanigan sell aireloom products. You can consult you mattress condition in these retailer shops and ask if they could help to facilitate the replacement. Other than that, you can contact customer service or company phone line for more information.