What is scent marketing:

Scent is also called as perfume.It is a fragrance or smell which is pleasant and gives a pleasing feel.People use scent as they would like to smell good and one way people get attracted to pleasant smell.Hence most of the people prefer to put on scent as they would like to feel good. Scent marketing is becoming very popular now a days. It is nothing but the use of some different fragrance which is selected and diffused. If the right fragrance is selected with a right strategy the final output would be a satisfying brand. Scent marketing is simply not air freshening. If it is done the right way then it would create the best and unique customer satisfaction and experience. It would increase the sales and also increase the brand loyalty. There are many scent branding Singapore is famous for. Scent is used by all age groups and there is no specific gender which uses scent. Most of the people would like to use scent but each and every one would have their own taste. They would like different fragrances of the scent.There are many options of scent available for people. The price range would vary depending on the quality and the fragrance.There are few scents which is made up of natural extracts of flowers. There are some scents which are made up of rear combinations hence may be very expensive.

Let’s see why people use scent:

• Scent creates memory and emotion. There are some people whom we remember just for their pleasant smell.
• Scent communicates value and also increases the sales.
• Scent creates a freshness in peoples mind.
• It creates a cohesive brand image


People all over the world use scent. There are different types of scent and it is available in different forms.