A new rejuvenating idea

“Steampunk”, the word which is very famous nowadays and symbolizes fashion in many ways. Basically, this term refers to imagining inventions and records shows that in the modern world it was created by Victorian. But today New Zealand and Australia have become a new innovator and come up with the old science factor in new ways which is leading the world to think out of the box including fashion, craft, dress and many more.

Why it in news

The thing is steampunk has become a headline since in one place in Australia called Oamaru has set the largest gathering record. Initially, the movement took place in the US in the terms of steampunk fashion show festival. Gradually this tradition spread all over Europe and leads to make a world record and proofed the Oamaru as a capital and boasted with the throne of head Quarter. Tamara, in Australia, has sparked the innovation and now everybody recognizes it is an old fashion in a new innovative way. Recently, it has started an era of the fashion show, craft, and competition of gadget on the basis of this term. Most interesting race based on this is famous Teapot racing.

Origin of steampunk

 If we talk about the origin of this unique fashionable word then we found, it is described in science fiction of HG Wells a long time back. Jules Verne science fiction also deals with it. But in reality, this word was coined by the writer KW Jeter in 1987. Today we use this term in many ways such as fashion, Design and many more. On the other side, this term has become so famous that it is used in music and literature as well. This science fiction innovates the new science by using old science. This was used at the time of colonies created by British to investigate at many things.


The basic idea of steampunk is not recognized, everybody has their own idea about it. Some people say that it has come from perfect literature whereas many think that it was used in colony created by British or American, to investigate the thing at far and refers to the history of the world. Someone said that when we remind the old-time Victorian era.