Host Your Bitcoin Mining Server

There are many costs that are often ignored when starting a Bitcoin mining operation. While almost everyone is aware of the energy costs associated with the effort, hidden costs are rapidly accumulating.

These include:

  • Cost of electrical infrastructure: a typical new design provides an allowable code power consumption of 38,400 watts. These are 34 Antminer S1 or 20 CointerraTerraminers. This energy figure negates the electricity needed to live or work locally, and negates the cost of cooling. Installing approximately 20 x 20 A electrical outlets also costs money.
  • Costs of cooling infrastructure: approximately 40% of the energy consumption used by the miner will be required to cool the space in which it is located, if mechanical cooling is necessary. This leaves only 23,040 watts for real production power, and also adds 40% to the cost of the clean electricity used for this operation. The national average is $ 0.12 per kWh, resulting in a total of $ 0.16 per kWh, including cooling costs. In addition, a net consumption of 23 kW will require about 6.5 tons of additional cooling. In most large houses, about 6 tons are provided for comfortable cooling, which will total 12 tons of required cooling. Installing this extra air conditioner costs money.
  • Long-term opportunity costs. Given the increasing complexity of working with біткойн, you need to think about whether the costs of installing 20 x 20 ampere sockets and 6 additional tons of air conditioning will make a good long-term investment.