Information on vegetarian food in Singapore

Singapore is an island nation south of Malaysia, known for its rapid development as a global monetary center, but as you can imagine, that’s not the reason we return to these many exciting places. Don’t get us wrong, we love visiting the city’s best hotels and pulling out our bank cards at the many shopping malls, but our main reason for returning to Singapore was to discover the burgeoning vegan and plant-based food scene.

In our Singapore vegan news, we chronicle each of our favorite vegan restaurants in Singapore, but we rarely touch the ground here, which has over 50 vegan restaurants. To that end, we’ve also included some handy hyperlinks to guides, people, and resources that are well-versed in Singapore’s vegan scene. We hope you’ve enjoyed this information about vegan food delivery in Singapore. We’ve enjoyed exploring this information and hope to come back soon to add more great vegan options.

Vegan Restaurants in Singapore


After launching Vegan Meals Quest in 2014, VeganBurg was our first visit to Singapore. In Kuala Lumpur, we explored the vegan burger outlets in Singapore before hopping on a bus and crossing the border into Singapore. We ate a lot of vegan burgers at an all-vegan fast food joint, fell in love with vegan burgers and fell in love with VeganBurg. I have been back many times since my first visit, usually going to California. We hope that their future expansion will bring VeganBurger to the rest of the world. In our opinion, anyone visiting Singapore should definitely visit VeganBurg. Read on to find out why we love Singapore’s three VeganBurgers.

As we mentioned above, we love vegan burgers and nomVnom has over 20 different vegan burgers. They also have pasta, soups, salads and fries, but who needs those when there are so many vegan burgers to choose from? NomVnom has what we like to call the Veggie Burger Hall of Fame, which features the best promotional burgers of the season.