Benefits of Serviced Apartments

If you are traveling solo or with a family, you will get a lot of benefits from serviced apartments:


When you are staying in the service apartment then you will get the room to cook, work, sleep, and relax. The average you will get 30% more space for enjoyment than the standard hotel.

Longer Stays

The price of a service apartment is 20% less than the rates of a hotel and having the same standards. There are no hidden extras like room services, mini-bars, etc which are required to be paid either. VAT will be reduced to 4% so you will get higher savings. Various providers are accomodating the long term bookings and this can add more savings.


Serviced apartments are mostly situated in great locations. They are easily available in a major city around the world. They are located in the heart of many tourist destinations.


In Serviced apartments, you can do things as per your schedule. Most of the facilities are available in the apartment like cooking, entertainment, business meetings, etc. There are also several bedrooms and bathrooms for the family, colleagues, and groups of friends who are traveling together.

Cooking & Washing Facilities

Your kitchen would be very cost effective and convenient. You can also meet the specific dietary requirement if any. serviced apartments in Singapore for a week are also having the commercial laundries in which you will get your dryers and washer.