Rodent control is a common problem in many households. The presence of one mouse may mean the presence of a whole family of rodents. Rats and mice can transfer diseases and contaminate food. They can also damage properties. Rodent exterminators search for any sign of rodents then exterminate them. They often use chemicals, traps or baits. They collect the dead carcasses after some time.

You can get rid of the rodents yourself, but it is best to leave it to professionals. Rodent exterminator staten island has extensive knowledge and tools to deal with rodents. They can also provide recommendations and give you some necessary advice. You should keep in mind that there are some preparations you need to do. This is to ensure the effectivity of the treatment and its longevity.

Professional rodent exterminators will give you a specific list of preparation activities. Here are some of the most common requests or recommendations.

  • Proper storage

You should store all food that is not in a can or jar. Put them in the refrigerator or any heavy plastic container during the treatment. Keep them there for at least two weeks. This includes candies, chips, and jellies. As well as nuts, cereals, and any grain-based food. Also, bread, pet foods, and more. Rodents can chew through plastic bags.

  • Fix holes

Make sure to repair any holes. Check the walls, around baseboards, and doors. Inspect those that do not seal in a proper way. Mice can enter through very small gaps. If repair is not possible at the moment, at least patch it up.

  • Ensure access

Remove all items beneath the kitchen sink and from the top of the refrigerator. Exterminators need access to these areas.

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  • Discuss with the exterminator

As soon as the exterminator arrives, you should talk to him or her about several things. These include locations of rodents sightings, possible infestations, etc.

  • Leave the traps and baits alone

The exterminator will set up baits and traps. Do not touch them. Disturbing those will affect the treatment.

  • Keep the surroundings clean

Make sure to clean, sweep, and vacuum the house on a regular basis. You should take out the trash at regular intervals. There should be lids on the trash cans. Keep all areas as clean as possible.

  • Get rid of unnecessary storage

This includes boxes, paper, and clothing. Rodents and other pests take shelter in these. They will gnaw the items to make their nests. They might even breed in undisturbed areas.

  • Follow guidelines

The exterminator will give you guidelines and practical tips. These are for long-term prevention against rodents and other pests infestations. It will keep pests out.

A lack of preparation could cause unsafe treatment. It can also cause rodent reinfestation. Rodent exterminators will not treat areas that are not prepared as requested.