A Worldly Recognized Shopping Destination for Fine Jewelries

As an internationally recognized shopping destination for fine jewelry and timepieces, Leeds & Son Palm Desert Area and  Palm Springs jewelry has brought the finest quality jewelry, watches, and accessories from around the world to their customers.

The Official Lisa Nikand Como Italia Jeweler:

Lisa Nik is a combination of colored diamonds, gemstones, and artful elements to create fashionable jewelry that women can enjoy on any occasion. Their mission is to convert creative elements into an innovative jewelry created for a global network of sophisticated women.

The Fashion Jewelry and Diamond:

Jewelry is the ultimate symbol of romance and love, and Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers on El Paseo is the best place to find the design of your dreams, for the love of your life. The collections of Leeds & Son’s features the diamond, gold, and valuable gemstone pieces of Marco Bicego, with the timeless, unique designs of Como Italia; and the daring, eclectic and Messika edgy pieces & much more.

A diamond should be carefully chosen like the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with. A diamond is a lasting symbol of your commitment more than just a stone in a setting. Leeds & Son offers a wide selection of GIA graded diamonds and settings making sure that your love shines forth in the most brilliant way possible for years to come. Leeds & Son works to answer all of the important questions that arise when choosing the perfect diamond being the premier jeweler of the United States.

The 4Cs of Diamond Quality:

  • Cut–The cut determines how the stone will display light. It is the critical factor contributing to the brilliance and fire of a diamond; it is also an addition to the diamond’s final appearance in the setting. A brilliant-cut or fancy-shaped diamond usually possesses 58 reflective surfaces known as facets.

Each of these facets has an effect on the overall brilliance of the diamond no matter how large or how small it is. Light is refracted off each facet in the pavilion of the stone and eventually dispersed in a prismatic effect through its crown if a diamond is cut to correct proportions; and light can escape from the stone’s pavilion without any reflection if a diamond is not cut deeply enough.

  • Color – The colorless diamond is the purest form. It is very rare as traces of yellow or brown are usually present. The less color a diamond has, the more valuable it becomes.
  • Clarity – Unlike the seemingly deceptive term “colorless”, the word “flawless” is truly the most accurate way of describing a diamond’s clarity. A flawless diamond is classified as FL and has no surface markings or inclusions and allows light to pass through it cleanly. The clarity is determined by the size, number, and location of internal characters called inclusions. Highly trained experts carefully study it under 10x magnification in order to grade a diamond’s clarity that ensures the complete understanding of a stone’s quality. The fewer the inclusions, the higher the grade and the greater the value.
  • Carat Weight – Plays an important role in determining a stone’s value and it is difficult to find a larger diamonds but size does not equate to quality because the three other factors of cut, clarity and color grades must also be considered.