Best Multitasking Gaming Keyboard

Multimedia function is really important during gaming activities. Combination of music, sound, lighting and all those combination make the functionality of multimedia keys become important. This article will review of the best 5 functional keyboard to equip your multitasking need.

  1. Redragon S101

This Redragon series become a first option with 12 multimedia function keys that enable you to do a lot of multitasking, switch to video, music, mail, and any other multimedia necessary functions. Although this keyboard allowed only 3 pre-set DPU number of 1000, 1600 up to 2000, a combination of mouse set will give you amazing functionality in your gaming routine. Simplicity of color and lighting might not make this gaming keyboard become a number one in design, but it could be the first options of exciting multitasking Best Gaming Keyboard under 50 dollars.

  1. Redragon K552-R KUMARA

Next option is also coming from Redragon series, which has 12 multifunction keys. Compared to aforementioned Redragon series, this one has less dimensional size, make it so efficient in tight space desk. You could rely on the anti-ghosting function in all keys. Make it become so functional to do whatever you want to do during the game. In term of price, this might be a bit higher than the first one, but still as one of the Best Gaming Keyboard  under 50 bucks and it is worthy to consider this keyboard inyour top list.

  1. BlueFinger CM200

Not only having a fantastic design, this gaming keyboard also has cool functions to support you to do multitasking stuff. For multimedia hot keys, this keyboard provides 10 to switch into many multimedia functions such as video, music, etc.Fantastic cracked design equipped with full multimedia functionality make it become a beauty combination that motivate the most along the way to win the battle, and make it a prime option for best gaming keyboard.

  1. Corsair K55

In term of multitasking functionality, this gaming keyboard becomes the fourth option because it has only 6 macro keys. These keys will help you to maximize your gaming activities, and allow you to program this key to do your customize function. You can also control your multimedia function by pressing the keys on top right position.

  1. HAVIT Rainbow Combo

This HAVIT series become the last one because it has only 5 multimedia keys. Although it has less multimedia keys, it has interchangeable function of direction keys and WASD. It is aided of adjustable 5 DPI value set from 800 to 2400, and has 19 keys of anti-ghosting function which make you safe to use any keys simultaneously.