Ways To Remove Personal Data Online

With the rise of the internet and everything going digital, there has also been a rise in cybercrime.  Identity thefts, cyberstalking, marketing spam are the most common occurrence on social media platforms.  One should think twice before sharing their personal information online. There are many broker companies that can gather information about the web users from different internet sources and sell the data to advertisers, marketers and third parties without the knowledge of the users.  This is one of the reasons why many users feel unsafe and not secure online. However one cannot always delete all the personal data from the internet.

scramblerzHow to protect personal data online?

There are certain ways on how one can remove personal data from the internet and minimize the online presence as much as possible.

Delete all social media accounts

All the social media accounts have personal and private information like name, location, photos, latest updates and much more. When removing personal information from the internet, the first step should be to delete all the social media pages to steer clear of hackers and cybercriminals.

Delete search results and search history

The search history is recorded each time when one surfs for content online. Hackers, with the help of some software, could easily get access to the search history of a user. Clearing out the search history regularly ensures more safety and extra precaution.

Email account

Email addresses carry more information than one could imagine. It contains a user’s name, location, date of birth, bank account information and the entire mailbox and chats history. Deleting all the letters, received, sent and saved must be deleted, along with the account.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications keep track on user’s activities and personal data.  One should keep clearing the cache and data from apps and delete all the unwanted apps.

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