Hunters: who are they?

Society changes, hunters too. The National Federation of Hunters is committed to regularly monitor the perception of hunting먹튀검증  in public opinion and the profile of hunters.

The sociological profile of hunters

Hunters are characterized by a still mostly male population (98%), made up of more than half of those under 55 years of age. The whole society hunts liberal professions, executives, craftsmen-traders, businessmen, with a high prevalence in the agricultural and workers circles. The south-west and the Mediterranean are the main regions of choice for this leisure 먹튀검증 that is transmitted by proximity and friendliness.

New hunters

New hunters practice with the intensity of enthusiasts. They love hunting and have passed the license to practice but also to invest in community life.

Hunting: tips for safe trekking

What is the role of hunting today?

Industrial agriculture, food banks, giant grocers open day and night: food has never been more abundant. Would not hunting be obsolete? The answer is no, absolutely not.

In the past, humans used to live on hunting and gathering, but this subsistence model hardly exists anymore. Nowadays, people, including farmers, buy their food in grocery stores or restaurants. Although effective, this model is not immune to criticism. On the one hand, fast food, cheap and convenient, is as much characterized by its artificial taste as by its excess of fat, salt or sugar. It partly explains the epidemic of obesity in many countries. On the other hand, more and more consumers are rejecting the chemical agents and preservatives found in the production or preservation of foods. I hunt mostly to get involved in the quest for food. It is something that is not done anymore because we live in cities and we are too busy. ” She emphasizes that humans must hunt because they have eliminated most natural predators that could maintain the balance of an ecosystem. “It’s less cruel to shoot a deer, for example, than to let him slowly die of hunger because he lives in a region without predators. Deer are becoming too numerous and lack food.