What all should be checked before buying a use d car?

This isn’t just about driving the car see how you like it. While you are driving, you need to do a serious evaluation, particularly of all the “little things.” While choosing used cars in el cajon, all the little things will be considered in a better way. They can include:

used cars

  • Do a thorough check on the car’s amenities. Are they what you want? Power seats, steering, and windows? Are they working properly?
  • Check out the sound system. Does it meet your expectations? Or will you be constantly annoyed that it’s just not good enough?
  • Test both the heat and the air conditioning. It may not seem important to test the heat on a sunny day in June, but come January, you’ll be thankful you did.
  • Carefully inspect if any warning lights are on or flashing. Don’t presume they don’t mean anything. Follow up with the owner or dealer about any required maintenance.
  • How does the car handle? Test it under high stress situations, such as stop and go, high speed, low speed, sudden acceleration/deceleration, hard turns and sudden stops. Make sure you get the car up to at least 55 miles an hour. Some things, like a bent rim, won’t be noticeable at lower speeds. Once you hit 55 or 60, it’ll be obvious something is off.
  • Listen carefully to the engine. A smooth hum is a good sound; sputtering or knocking can indicate serious problems.
  • Check the brakes repeatedly. Listen for sounds of squeaking, grinding, or metal-on-metal.
  • Pay particularly close attention to how the car shifts. Does it do so smoothly, or is their hesitation? (Could indicate a transmission problem.)
  • Watch the exhaust. Smoke can be an indication of a problem, and blue or white smoke can be an indication of a big problem.
  • Get the car checked out by a mechanic
  • Think of it as similar to a home inspection performed on a house you’re about to buy. You should have the car thoroughly inspected by mechanic.
  • This is sometimes referred to as a pre-purchase inspection, and it can cost $100 or more. But it’s money well spent, if it enables you to avoid buying a car with serious problems.
  • Whatever you do, do not rely on the seller’s representations, or recommendations by his or her mechanic.