Flexible Option of Moving Package

Major Consideration to Choose Relocation Services

The need of movement is diverse one each other. Some people want hour bases service, and others might need a premium package. This article will review some of the consideration factors when you plan your moving.

Affordable Price

First thing first, price determines the quality of service. Cheap does not mean any good, while expensive is not inevitably the best. There are two options of relocation Bern area. One is hourly based service and the other is a premium service. Winder hourly base only cost about 549 CHF per one hour with one truck and two furniture packers. The three-hour service offersat the cost of 699 CHF with the inclusive of 20 boxes moving.

Equipment and Relocation Lift

Sufficient tools and equipment really needed during dismantling and construction processes. A good transportation company would prepare their furniture packer with this set to ensure their team could perform their job. Winder also has a relocation lift to support the process to move furniture from a window, in case it could not be move through the stair. That is why Winder is so well-known for umzug Bern service.

Professional Furniture Packer

A complete tool and equipment are not enough. It needs a skillful person to operate it. Winder has a qualified packer with experience from 6 up to 12 years in relocation business. This introduces no hesitation when you trust your favorite furniture in their hand.

Complete Transportation Support

It is cruciallysignificant to ensure your furniture and boxes fit into the truck. Relocation service by Winder provides 6 trucks and 2 trailers to support your moving plan. It would deliver everything you need into one-time delivery without consuming your time for several transportation trips.

One truck has 20 m3 spaces. The team would arrange the furniture and stuff to be fitted into the truck. They will transfer the material with loading and unloading process. Then move it to your expected place in the new house.

Packaging services

Another consideration isthe packing services, which requires various types of boxes. Package a set of books would not be as same as packing one television set. It is all handledwith care by the proper wrapping technique to ensure the material is fit properly into the loading area.

Temporary storage place

If you move from an enormous house into a narrower place, you might need someplace storing your stuff for a while. Winder offers a service to reserve some of the stuff in their warehouse for a temporary period. Therefore, it is significant to consider the relocation company to gather some of the stuff in their storage house. Not all moving company maintains this facility. You need checking it before you select the best one.