About sentry safe HD4100CG

This sentry safe is fantastic to keep your file waterproof. It is one of the best safe which you can use to keep your crucial files. These safes are made of durable materials and come with functional and reliable designs from which you can choose. Many buyers prefer this safe over the other. Based on different tests, the sentry safe HD4100CG is sold at affordable prices and, they are fireproof.

About this fantastic product

This safe comes with the same dimensions in each safe to keep your files. It is UL classified safe with ½ hour proven fire protection feature which is the best part about this safe. It is also ETL verified ½ hour fire protection for CDs, USBs, and DVDs at temperatures of up to 1555 degrees Fahrenheit to protect your valuable items. It is manufactured for durable and high-grade materials to provide the best quality to the customers.

You will also get a privacy key lock in case of an emergency. This sentry safe HD4100CG is perfect for storing and securing your necessary files. It has a lid holder that can keep your CDs and DVDs protected. At last, it also provides ample space for your valuable items, files, or documents.

What are the advantages of keeping this safe?

As the safe is made from high-grade materials and unique features for a durable construction and this comes with the right dimensions that make it more suitable for your house or workplace. You will get lots of space to store your CDs, DVDs, files, pen drives, etc. Besides, you will also get UL classified and ETL verified fire protection features and, that’s the fantastic part. It is also equipped with a privacy lock as mentioned above which is another benefit you will get.