What are the steps for Seiko battery replacement?

We all know that it is not possible to visit a watch serviceman or specialist because of many reasons. So you must have to develop few skills to handle those kinds of critical situations. If you are fond of watches then you must know about the Seiko watches as it is one of the most popular watch brands. You need to learn seiko battery replacement so that you can replace the battery whenever you want.

These are few steps that you must have to follow for seiko battery replacement:

  1. The very first thing that you have to do is to put a soft cloth on the table. You have to do battery replacement work on that cloth.
  2. In the next step, you have to put the upper portion on the cloth and then observe the back part of the watch.
  3. The third step is to open the back case by using any tool with a rubber insulator.
  4. You have to keep the tool in a motion of side to side, this is done to loosen the back case of your watch.
  5. You should have to be very careful not to pry the battery up. Because it may damage any movement.
  6. Now you have to take the casing ring and make ready your battery replacement.

  1. Along with the casing ring out, you have to slip in the battery edge under the installer.
  2. Now you have to just align the arrow, it is marked on your battery to the crown of your watch.
  3. Now just remove the battery installer and replace it through a casing ring.
  4. You have to check the date on your calendar, it was retained or not.
  5. Slowly pull the crown and push in tack in, you have to do it after hearing the first click.
  6. Now your watch is ready and good to go as well.