Why consider deep connective tissue massage

Deep connective tissue massage is no better than other massages, it is simply more suitable for people suffering from certain problems.

It acts effectively and directly on the connective tissue, the system that connects, supports and nourishes the tissues of the various organs of the body and does so by intervening precisely on the deep layers of the muscle tissues: this is where a large number of toxins generated by the great stress to which the body is subjected sports massage in San Antonio, TX.

The treatment allows, among the many and various benefits associated with it, to relax the muscles and improve the circulation of oxygen and blood.

But that’s not all: this massage can help you:

Reduce chronic pain : deep connective tissue massage is very often used to relieve persistent or chronic muscle pain;

Improve blood pressure : massage is particularly effective in relieving stress and tension, conditions which have a beneficial effect on blood pressure. Some tests performed on people who had a deep connective tissue massage showed that blood pressure tended to decrease after 45/60 minutes of practice;

Improve scar tissue : this treatment is also known for its ability to act positively even on the tissue that replaces normal skin when it is damaged beyond the first layer. In such circumstances, therapy involving deep tissue massage can aid in the elimination of scar tissue. In fact, the use of other therapies such as ultrasound or those that involve chiropractic treatment or, again, treatments that involve the use of heat or cold, are not always able to remove scar tissue as much as the massage is able to do. deep connective tissue.

Improving the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles : it acts on the muscles, ligaments and joints, connective tissues, conveys the proper functioning of the limbs, encouraging their flexibility and movement, keeping the joints more fluid and less prone to injury.

Give more relief in stressful conditions : Deep tissue massage is proven to provide stress relief. In fact, it reduces the level of stress hormones, reduces heart rate and improves mood.