Things to Know When Building Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Suppose you like cooking, eating, or entertaining outdoors, you have to consider adding the outdoor kitchen in your home. Whenever you think of cooking outdoors you may not think beyond the charcoal grill and some lawn chairs, but custom outdoor kitchens San Antonio will range from simple to elaborate. What you build generally depends on the space and budget you have. Doesn’t matter what size of custom kitchen you want to build, there’re some things you have to remember. First, do not cut down corners on grill that you buy. Secondly, you need to plan the design around shade in the yard.

Things You Need

Grill is a hallmark & centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen. It’s where you can do your cooking. Grill is going to be the primary feature of the kitchen, thus you definitely have to buy best that you will afford. No matter whether you select the grill that burns propane or charcoal, select one that can cook evenly as well as withstand weather and heat. It does not necessarily need to be the big name brand, however, you must look for the best quality grill, which is sturdy and well built to stand up for wear and tear.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Make sure you plan the design around shade in the yard. Suppose you’re planning to use the custom outdoor kitchen in summer months, stay aware that the people would often like to sit in shade rather than the direct sun. Also, you might find that building covered patio will get you the right shade you need, and you might select to plant big bushes and trees to create the natural shade in yard. No matter what you do, make sure you think about the traffic patterns & where your guests want to sit.


Finally, when you’re designing the custom outdoor kitchen, never forget to think of maintenance. The elaborate kitchens & landscapes look very good on TV, but often need plenty of upkeep. This might mean hiring the gardener, or to do it yourself. Also, you have to consider weather condition. If you’re using plenty of fabrics and wood that can break down, think if you can refinish it regularly.