Fitness and its broad meaning!

Fitness is a flexible term; every person has their own meaning of being fit and ways to get fit. A young boy may feel playing cricket or football daily might be enough to be fit. A girl might feel that cycling might good enough. A man of middle age might need a gym to be in the muscular shape they desire. In achieving fitness every age group requires certain gadgets which can help them in telling their progress. Wearable Technology Deviceshave many such products which help to tell our timings and heart beats etc. This enables us to improve on yesterday, as we know our biggest opponent is our own best. Current meaning of Fitness depict either a man or machine’s capacity to play out a particular capacity or an all-encompassing meaning of human versatility to adapt to different circumstances. This has prompted an interrelation of human wellness and allure which has assembled worldwide fitness and fitness gear enterprises. Concerning capacity, wellness is ascribed to people who have critical oxygen consuming or anaerobic capacity, i.e. quality or perseverance.

New gadgets are-

  • FITBIT ALTA/SURGE FITNESS- It is a brand new health and fitness watch that packs a punch. They provide personalized insights, 24/7 heart rate, music you love, apps as per requirement. Battery life is usually for 3-4 days. Mainly tracks all daily activities such as steps, distance covered, calories even at night. They come with an OLED display. They keep particular goals in focus making it easy to concentrate. It can be synced with cell or PC thus providing notifications even while workout.
  • FITBIT ZIP- It has features such as graphs, badges and friendly competitions. Sharing your achievements and motivating others. This can be a motivation for both the person making the record and person receiving the challenge, as they both feel the urge to break the record as soon as possible.
  • Smart Watches- It comes with Android4.3, flash light &bluetooth. It is water resistant upto 1M. It has built in WIFI. Some models have in built pedometer. Companies have improved their phone control that is easy to view phone calls, texts, or mails.

Some apps have increased the usage of Fitbit. They challenge the person which in a way pushes them to break their limits. They visit certain landmarks of the city in process. Certainly fitness outdoors is so much fun. We can observe many species of flora and fauna along our way as well. New challenges as climbing a hill in 5mins, give a mental satisfaction as well as more workload.